Dr. Sandra Urkovich



Domestic violence, career counseling

I am Sandra Urkovich, LMHC, who has a passion for helping individuals to find answers to life’s challenges, to achieve their goals and to keep walking forward. CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is my approach, as I find it works for all ages and genders.


I have practiced for twenty-two years, working with individuals in a variety of environments and a multitude of issues. Some of the areas include: schools, careers, jobs, hospitals, agencies and my private practice. I have had extensive experience in the Foster Care System, and also Group Homes which include both Shelters for Victims of Domestic Violence and for children who had been taken from their homes because of violence. I use my animals in my practice, my five dogs offer comfort, support and yes, unconditional love to all. I work with all ages, genders and sexual orientation. To summarize, I can help you find answers.

Available for appointments on:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. See calendar for appointment times.​

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