Lisa Angel



Trauma, depression, addiction, anxiety, identity issues, PTSD, ADHD, OCD, family counseling, relationship counseling

Are you overwhelmed, think you have tried everything? Have you tried counseling and it has not worked? My clients tell me that that I am different than other therapists in that I actually give them what they need to get better quickly and it's motivating.


I have been in a solid recovery for over 20+ years from trauma and depression. I not only have the credentials and many years of experience successfully treating addictions, depression, and anxiety, I have had to make my way out of very difficult life circumstances. I have worked in psychiatric hospitals, non-profits, and in the school districts. I have been in private practice now full time for 2 years. I use many modalities to treat and design individual plans to good health. I specialize in process addictions, gender and sexual identity issues, PTSD, ADHD and OCD. I work with Major Depression and Family/Relationship Issues. Complete respect, non-judgmental care.

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Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. See calendar for appointment times.​

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