Julie R. Kasal



Anger management, stress, anxiety, healthy lifestyle and wellness goals

I am aware that the only thing constant is change. I feel blessed to be at a point in my life where I am clear that I want to be of service to others, and help clients find balance and consciously choose a reframe of positivity and growth for their life.


I help my clients to move through stages of change while reaching and supporting their goals. My clients find and define their strengths and establish wellness goals. I promote behavioral changes based on the client’s unique psycho-social and age specific needs. My clients learn anger management skills, stress and anxiety coping protocols. The aim of my therapy sessions is to move my clients towards a healthy lifestyle and to learn how to apply positive behavioral changes. I practice Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with individuals and families. I am also a Board Certified Coach and practice strength based positive psychology. It is important to mention that I have extensive training and knowledge working with individuals and families that are dealing with the challenges of a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum (with a focus on High Functioning Aspergers) and those dealing with ADD and ADHD. My clients enjoy working with me because of the openness, sincerity and safety in my working style.

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