Dr. Pamela Spears



Depression, behavioral issues

A licensed psychotherapist, consultant, and trainer in Miami, Fl. She has successfully worked with depressive illnesses and behavioral problems. She has held positions in several community-based mental health programs, in-patient and out-patient psychiatric treatment settings in Miami and surrounding areas.


Dr. Spears’ definition of counseling is eclectic in nature as well as gaining skill by practice. This skill draws on several learning theories, taking parts from each to make a meaningful substructure which has developed from formal study of learning theories such as behaviorism, developmental theory; brain based learning theories, right brain/left brain thinking and social; cognition. Dr. Spears combines the knowledge gained from the study of theories with her own experiences as a client, therapist, learner and observer. Therefore, Dr. Spears must create a positive therapeutic environment to become an effective therapist. Thus, she will utilize her psychological ethics. She will consider the characteristics of each person, such as their expectations and personal needs.

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