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“He offered real solutions to meet my concerns. He was very knowledgeable and I felt so much better after our session.” -Bare One's Soul Client

“She asked efficient and revealing questions forcing me to think about things in a new light.” -Bare One's Soul Client

“With her I felt a great connection, like a very good friend. She was easy to talk to and share my difficulties. I am very grateful I chose her to be my counselor!” -Bare One's Soul Client

Why Online?

It’s convenient: No time to travel to an office for a face-to-face appointment? Online therapy offers the convenience of speaking to a licensed counselor at a time and place that works for you.

It’s affordable: In-office, a therapist can cost over $150/hour. At Bare One’s Soul, we want to make therapy accessible to all, with sessions starting as low as $45.

It’s private: Your therapy sessions are just that: yours. We securely connect you to a therapist in your state that you can talk to at a time that ensures your privacy from family, friends, and coworkers.

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Congratulations! You have taken the first (and I think) hardest step towards feeling better! It is NOT EASY to a...
I am a professional clinical counselor who is independently licensed through the state of Ohio. Counselor, Socia...
I am Beth Ann Delaney, LCSW. I have over 20 years of clinical experience. My clinical expertise ranges from iss...
Hi. I’m Earl Lewis and I’m a Licensed Counselor who helps men and women find a healthy balance between caring fo...
Clients have shared with me that they feel understood, heard, and acknowledged for what he/she is experiencin...
Life can be hard. Are you struggling with something you need guidance on? Relationship? Work? Childhood Concerns...
My work experience has ranged from working with the chronically mentally ill, people with disabilities and youth...
Are you having life stress, feeling overwhelmed, anxiety or depression? Need assistance with parenting, having t...
Hi, I'm glad that you reached out for help. My name is Dayana, and I am a licensed therapist. I am here to liste...
Clark A. Thompson, LCSW earned his bachelor’s degree from Yale University and Master of Social Work from Rutgers...
Change is the only constant in life. I believe that every person has untapped potential to overcome any challeng...
Release the past; claim your present. I help people to process unresolved trauma that they might not even be awa...
Let’s get through this together. Whatever the challenge, I will help you find practical solutions that create me...
After 27 years of clinical counseling in both mental health matters and alcohol and drug counseling, I have seen...
Hello! My name is Katherine and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania. While I have several sp...
Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, stress, depression, relationship problems or other obstacles—I can help.
Are you ready to better understand your situation? Do you want to move forward toward resolving difficulties in ...
Let’s work together to get you back on track!
I am Sandra Urkovich, LMHC, who has a passion for helping individuals to find answers to life’s challenges, to a...
Are you overwhelmed, think you have tried everything? Have you tried counseling and it has not worked? My client...
I am here to help you reach your fullest potential and achieve the best quality of life!
I believe in empowering others to recognize their own self worth and ability to find solutions.
I am a clinical social worker and I work primarily in treating addictions and the effects of stress and trauma.
I am aware that the only thing constant is change. I feel blessed to be at a point in my life where I am clear ...
I believe making positive changes is about progress, not perfection, and that anyone can make progress towards t...
I welcome the opportunity to work with you in embracing a living process that is personally authentic and deeply...
You deserve to feel well and at peace. Let's work together to achieve your balance.
Are you tired of old habits pulling you down? Do you value your privacy and dignity? You do not need to struggle...
Remaining in place may often seem the easier and less stressful choice. Exploring and embracing that sift is the...
Wellness consultant for the worried well - mind and soul
I believe that therapeutic work begins with a foundation of unconditional acceptance and non judgment. Everyone ...
A licensed psychotherapist, consultant, and trainer in Miami, Fl. She has successfully worked with depressive il...
I help others find solutions for the challenges of life that may trigger depression, anxiety, addiction, eating ...
Are your fears keeping you from reaching your highest potential? Fears can cause us a great deal of pain and suf...
My therapy style is open and warm. Getting to the issues you want the help on. Then finding ways to cope and red...
Are you looking for solace and calm in your life? Or maybe you lost your sense of purpose and struggle to get th...

What Our Clients Are Saying:

My counselor was amazing... she listened really well and I will definitely meet with her again. It's usually hard for me to open up to someone, but it felt so easy! I left the call feeling empowered and like I had a plan to help me focus, move forward and work toward lowering my anxiety.”

Bare One’s Soul Client

I really liked that my counselor was someone who listened to me and who was completely objective and had no bias. My counselor was there just for me and to help me and give me the tools to move forward.”

Bare One’s Soul Client

“I received a free first session with my counselor. She was just so professional and insightful. She was very clear and understood all of my concerns. I will set up a follow up call next week. Thank you Bare One's Soul.”

Bare One’s Soul Client

Sena was so helpful today. She's a Blessing!!!!!”

Bare One’s Soul Client